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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Is there a Reason?

The NY Times had an article about the eviction plan, interviewing settlers planned for eviction.

It's noteworthy that there was no coverage for the reasons of the expulsion. It looks like the media is playing along with the government in deftly severing the personal-emotional aspect from the "greater picture" - ie, the political agenda. If it would be an article about the poor Arab whose life is being affected by the "security wall", they would surely bring the government reasoning and question it.

The media would fulfill its inherent function in a democratic society to criticize the government for its trampling of the small person, looking out for the rights of the individual. In this article we're only seeing the sympathy with these settlers, them being the incidental victims of a much greater political initiative which is so just that it's too obvious to mention.

It is also noteworthy to note that though it might seem like they've given up hope, none of the people mentioned is going to move. They'll all be waiting for the soldiers to drag them out of their houses. After being threatened with losing all their possesions, and with not receiving any compensation, after being attacked almost daily by rockets, they do not want to leave their homes. They might not fight, they might not react with violence, but if the government wants them to get out, they will have to be dragged out.


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