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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Animal Rights

As the planned explusion of Jews from the Gaza Strip is nearing, animal rights activists are coming out to "save" the animals.

The Live and Let Live organization has come out with a heart-tearing campaign to save the animals.

The following was posted over email:

The coming days are going to be stressful and complicated regardless of whether the Disengagement Effort succeeds or fails.

As a member of various Animal Right and Welfare organizations I, am asking pet owners to make responsible plans for their pets in order to avoid undue stress and also to ensure their safety in the likelihood that their owners will be busy trying to protect their homes and other posessions.

If you do not remove your pets to a more secure location for the duration of this action, please be sure that all pets are wearing a collar and some label which has the owners name and a cell phone number. This is especially important for pets that are not "chipped"

Animal Welafare groups are anticipating that there will be many pets separated from their owners and are planning to offer assistance in locating and repatriating these animal victims in the aftermath. Should the Disengagement succeed these organizations are also trying to mobilize resources and manpower to deal with the strays and pets left behind

Each organization will be posting its own plans and appeals as the date comes closer

There are two basic problems with this "save the animals of Gaza" campaign:

1. These same people who seem to care so much for the animals, don't say a word when the owners of those animals are kicked out of their homes. They can be dragged out of their homes kicking and screaming, their entire lifetime accumulation of possesions can be trashed, but the major question is what will happen to their pets.

2. There is an underlying assumption that the people of the Gaza Strip will not care for their pets and will let them die in the wasteland that the Jewish army will leave behind.


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